3 Security Companies In Brisbane You Should Know Of

Companies, outlets and businesses often hire external security companies to protect and manage their wellbeing. External Security Companies provide the knowledge, skills, experience and services to the client. Here are the 3 quality security companies in Brisbane!

Strategic Security

Established in 2002, Strategic Security has over 11 years of experience. Located at the north side of Brisbane, this company employs highly trained guards that have displayed determination and dedication to their line of work. Strategic Security offers static guard placement services, mobile patrol, crown control as well as protection and guarding for private events. Having awarded testimonials and awards from several notable companies such as SWAT Security, this company is certainly one of my choices if I were to hire protection for my outlet.

Security International Services

Boasting more than 1200 highly trained staff, Security International Services provides services such as mobile patrol, on-site security officers as well as monitoring and installation of security systems. Also established in 2002, the company has constantly upgraded itself to provide better service to its clients. They operate on the basis of trust, honesty, commitment and respect, and pride themselves in providing the best customer service. Having many branches over many continents, with the main branch in Brisbane, you are assured to receive quality and high standard services.

KGB Security

Located at 742 Beaudesert Rd Rocklea Brisbane, KGB Security specializes in providing alarm systems, access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and locksmith services. If you would like to protect your home, office or company, KGB Security is easily one of the best choices. All KGB staffs are highly trained with years of experience under their belt. With over 25 years of experience, I have no qualms that KGB will be able to fulfill your needs!

If you are looking for a security company in Brisbane, this three companies should be able to fulfill your requests!