3 Ways You Can Win At Recruiting by Storytelling

Just being an amazing storyteller isn’t going to deem you an amazing recruiter, but it is surely one of the differentiating factors between good and great. When you have a look at the parallels between the high performing sales recruiters and high performing sales professionals, the ability to deliver a high impact story successfully is quite identical. This is a huge part of marketing RH. We have listed some steps on how to structure a high impact story.

  1. The origin of your company: bring them back in time

Start by divulging how the company came into being. While you are crafting your story, concentrate on incorporating verbs in order to set the scene and evoke empathy from the candidate. If possible, draw from the founder’s vision and/or the leaders who built the company. The very first step is important in developing trust in the founder and the values upon which the company was built. If you really believe in the founder or the leadership, you must glorify their accomplishments as well.

  1. Roadmap their journey to the present

Now as you have delineated the past, dive into what has made the company successful the way it is today. It is the basic human tendency to share only the good and be transparent about the few roadblocks the company faced and eventually overcame. When you are being vulnerable, it helps in building credibility as most of the candidates believe that a perfect company is like a unicorn. Many times the candidates are showered with all the good things and then they face the truth when they start working in the company. But, don’t dive in too far into the vulnerabilities as you will be mostly focusing on the milestones and accomplishments that really set your company apart from the pack.

  1. The vision and the future of the company

In general, employees wish to make a difference and feel the same in their soul. Sure, your pay and the advantages matter, but it is actually the impact and recognition on which many of the employees fail to deliver. By laying out the company vision clearly and how the candidates will be a part of the same, their minds tend to shift from the past to the future where they are deemed the active participants.

Like everything, this also requires a lot of practice to become a normal part of your speech pattern when you are speaking to the candidates. By paying heed to this process, it helps in transforming your sales pitch value proposition into a well-crafted story that will drive positive results.