5 Things That Attract Cockroaches Aside From Food

Cockroaches are among the top creepy crawlies that a lot of people hate. Cockroaches are ugly. They spread germs. They smell bad. You would not want them in your home. The following are the top things that attract cockroaches to your home:

  • Moisture – Cockroaches love moisture. It is for this reason that they are usually found under the sink and inside bathrooms. They also love spending time in moist areas like the basement or the attic. Prevent moisture by checking for leaks. Use a dehumidifier if you want.
  • Cardboard – Cardboard is food and home to cockroaches. If you have any junk cardboard lying around your house, it is important that you throw them away. These would only be excellent food sources for cockroaches and even excellent hiding places.
  • Books – Why do cockroaches love books? Well, they can hide between the pages. Those empty spaces at the back of your bookshelves are great hiding places for cockroaches. To prevent cockroaches from hiding in your books, read your books once in a while.
  • Darkness – Cockroaches is attracted to the darkness. In the dark, they can roam undetected. In the dark, humans will not be able to see them and step on them. Regularly clean out those dark areas where cockroaches can lay their seeds and hide till they find food.
  • Foul smell – Cockroaches are also attracted to foul swell. That nasty, musty smell in your basement, well, cockroaches love that. The smell of your garbage bin that has not been emptied for a while… cockroaches love those as well. Keep your house odor-free and cockroaches will not be a problem.

If you think that the cockroach problem you are dealing with at home is very serious, you should consider hiring pest control services. Pest control experts surely know how to take those cockroaches out and keep them out.