Former Olympian Turned Call Girl Tells All in New Memoire

Three-time Olympian, Suzy Favor Hamilton, is set to release “Fast Girl: Running Away from Madness” in June of 2015. The book is an autobiography, but HarperCollins gives no hint as to what subjects are going to be tackled in the memoire, still there is plenty of speculation.

Suzy Favor Hamilton began running at the age of nine. Under the guidance of Coach Peter Tegen, she quickly became one of the most successful and prominent middle distance runners in the United States in the 1990s. While attending the University of Wisconsin, she achieved 9 NCAA championships, and gained a silver medal in the 1989 World University Games. Although she was a top competitor in track and field, she was unable to medal in the 1992, 1996, and 2000 games.

In 2012, Hamilton publicly admitted to her fans that after her Olympic career ended, she became a call girl that charged over $600 per hour to her clients. The Olympian posted a heartfelt apology on Twitter stating that she was sorry about her actions and longed to become a good role model again. She also discussed her reasons for becoming an escort on Twitter, saying that life as an escort provided her an escape from a stressful reality. After her admission, the Big Ten stripped her name from the Female Athlete of the Year Award, and she lost several sponsorships with Disney and Nike.

According to the HarperCollins website, “Fast Girl: Running Away from Madness” will be available for purchase on June 9, 2015. The memoire is currently available for pre-order and is available in e-book format, hardcopy format, and as a downloadable audio file. HarperCollins is one of the world’s largest publishing companies, and is known for publishing controversial autobiographies. The publisher has also come under fire by other publishers for aggressively promoting the usage of e-books as opposed to traditional hardcovers due to the potential of copyright infringement and duplication.

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