How Important Is It for You to Stretch Before and After Your Workout?

So many athletes who are just starting out at their local fitness center or their gym walk in and get straight onto their preferred machine or workout tool. And while this may be one way to approach your fitness routine, below are some tips for you to read to consider including some stretching time into your routine.

Heavy Weights

Weightlifters are the most likely to walk right past a stretching station simply because they think that there is no correlation between muscle building and stretching. However, the success of one very much depends on the other.

Stretching the muscles you are targeting before you start lifting opens up your muscles and promotes blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow helps to carry oxygen to your muscles faster, putting your body in the best position to start your lifting.

Of course, it’s also important to stretch your supporting muscles. For example, your core is going to be engaged when you lift, as will your legs, so be sure that they are all fully stretched so that they can do their job and help you keep your posture on point.

Improve Your Recovery Time

Do you remember that feeling when you try to get out of bed the morning after leg day and you feel like you aren’t ever going to walk again? The reason for this is a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. This acid is there to help your recovery, but it also hurts.

Stretching your muscles is the easiest way to reduce the pain caused by lactic acid, along with promoting blood flow and vitamin and mineral absorption, which is beneficial for any athlete taking advantage of fitness supplements from the Groupon Coupons page for Vitacost to safely and naturally improve their performance and results.

Get a Better Swing

If you are looking to be the star batter on your baseball team then it’s all about flexibility and reach. With much of the power of your swing coming from your hips, how well and controlled your turn is can determine the quality of your swing.

Stretching before you practice your batting is a great way to improve your flexibility and allow you to swing harder and more accurately. By warming up your core and related muscle before, your body starts your training in the best possible place.

Anywhere and Everywhere

One of the great benefits of stretching is that you don’t need a dedicated space to perform it. This means that you can take advantage of the benefits listed above by simply stretching your legs on a train while you commute to work, stretch your arms every hour to prevent strain at work, or even perform some small yoga poses in your office to help relax and stretch your back and shoulders.

It doesn’t matter what level your training is at, if you aren’t stretching then you’re only doing yourself a disservice. The next time that you are heading to the gym or are finishing your routine, give some thought to the stretching area and take advantage of its benefits. You will be glad you did when you can walk freely the next morning!