Learn About What You Really Have To Do For A Successful Relocation!

Moving house is a tedious, slow, time consuming and energy consuming task. Yes we do dread it too! However, fret not as we have compiled the important to-dos for you, to ensure your next home relocation is an easy one. From checklists to managing your movers, we have you covered!

Sufficient Preparation

A month or two before your actual moving day, start to make a checklist of what needs to be moved (kept) and what can be discarded. Use the checklist to keep track of all your items and furniture. Sort and place similar items in boxes and label them, to ensure a fuss-free and easy unloading process later. Find the shortest yet easiest path from your current location to your new location.

Walk around, take note of the time each different path takes and choose the best. Decide on whether you are hiring movers or getting assistance from your friends. Do not request for movers on the day itself! Do ensure that the transport vehicle you will be using is enough to store all your items.

Keep, Sell Or Throw

When you are rummaging through your items, there is no better time to decide what items can be kept, what items can be sold and what items can be thrown away. Admit it- you have not spring cleaned in a long time! For items that you do not want to keep for your new house, you may consider selling them. That is some cash back in your pocket and might just be enough to pay the movers! If an item is beyond repair, discard it.

Moving Day

Keep your essentials such as birth certificates, passports in a bag which will you will be carrying throughout the journey- do not take the risk of losing it should you place it in the same vehicle transporting hundreds of other things. Do have a small moving kit such as water, clothes and food should the moving take more than a day. Once everything is ready, start moving – do not wait!

Settling Down

Using the same checklist you made, keep track of the items being unloaded and ensure all are present. Make friends with your neighbors and ask about essential services such as utilities (gas, water, electricity). Once your movers have done their job, do remember to give them a nice treat or something as a sign of appreciation for their hard work!