Reducing Business Energy Costs: Some Initiatives

Something that some business owners fail to consider is the energy efficiency and cost as they operate their business. Hydro, electricity, gas and water can really be costly especially for a business that works along days. To minimize energy costs in the business, there are some factors to take into account. You also have to get your energy from a reputable provider like Con Edison NY. By evaluating the needs of your people and customers in terms of offering standard and quality energy, you can make a plan which help in reducing costs in areas you will need it the most. Below are the things you can perform with your people to promote conservation of energy in the workplace.

Establish Practices for Energy Efficiency

Depending on your utility company, they often have off to high peak times at daytime. Work on not only using excess energy during off and low peak time periods. Inspire your people to follow this model and observe the decrease of energy usage using with more initiatives.

Undergo an Energy Audit

Get the services of an energy audit company to carry out an energy audit in your place. A lot of companies provide a free energy audit program making sure that you efficiently use energy while at work. Call them and know if they can help you determine office areas to reduce energy needs.

Replace Present Bulbs in the Office with CFLs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs consume less power and run longer. Energy Star CFLs are expected to last longer and make use of around 75% less energy than ordinary light bulbs.

Make Use of Hibernation Feature of Laptops and Computers

Hibernation features in computers enables you to save your present work and let you continue from similar point the following day. Scheduling your workstation to set to hibernate mode during weekends and working hours is certainly a great idea.

Minimize Paper Wastage

Don’t print when not needed. With this, the paper wastage can be reduced. Also, this helps in cutting energy needed to run a printer that in turn can decrease the cost of energy in the office and makes the life of your printer longer.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

This device can automatically adjust your workplace’s temperature when nobody is at work. Less air conditioning can lead to significant business savings.

Check for Drags that Leak the Air

Tiny drags can cause your business losing some portions of the cooling and heating costs. Proper sealing of the air in the work environment can ensure that those drafts are eliminated.

Control your Cooling and Heating

The office temperature should be kept a degree down during the winter months and a degree up during the summer. This can ensure a reduction the power used by up to 10 percent.

Reduce Artificial Lighting and Use Skylights

Skylights are free while artificial lights consume power. Try to make use of maximum daylight and utilize artificial lights only in dark areas. Less energy signifies less money spent on your electricity bills.

Utilize Energy Saving Features

It makes sense to educate your people on energy saving features of printers, microwaves and air conditioners and ask them to use such features to reduce energy costs. Prefer using gadgets that have energy efficient peripherals.