A Checklist for a Successful Sales Proposal

Closing the deal is everything in business, so much so, that every company should focus on converting the prospect, and the best way to achieve high conversions is to present your proposal in a professional manner. Whatever the industry, the principles are the same, and with that in mind, here are the ingredients of a winning sales proposal.

  • Cover Letter – This tells the prospect about your company and demonstrates why you are the organisation to choose for the project. This creates an emotional bond with the prospect and that makes the conversion so much easier.
  • The Opening Statement – This is basically a few sentences that describe what you are proposing. The full extent of your services should be listed, and rather than focusing on the outcome, you should address the problems the prospect is facing.
  • The Executive Summary – You should include a brief summary of the proposal contents, which helps the reader to digest the information in stages. List your company’s credentials, experience and achievements, while also addressing the question of why the prospect should do business with you as opposed to any other organisation.
  • Use a Professional Proposal Template – Whether you need an investment proposal template or any other type, the online provider has a unique range of stylish and attractive templates that will showcase your proposal. You can embed video, images and charts to put forward your case, and the file can be viewed by all types of devices, thus ensuring your prospect sees the proposal as it should be.
  • Case Studies – A case study is a great way to demonstrate the processes you use when addressing a project, and many experts would agree that case studies are more powerful than testimonials, as they go behind the scenes, detailing all the variables of a particular project. Case studies demonstrate your abilities as an organisation and this helps the prospect evaluate you and your business.
  • Job Description – This defines the scope of the project, with detailed descriptions of processes and outcomes that make it very clear what exactly you are proposing. Be realistic and avoid the temptation to go into too much detail, which will bore the prospect.
  • Introduce the Team – It is the people who make the wheels of any organisation turn, and by introducing your team from top to bottom, you are helping the prospect to form an emotional bond. This takes things to a personal level and people are far more likely to business with people they can connect with.
  • Price – Always introduce prices from high to low, which effectively price conditions the prospect and they are likely to be satisfied with the final figure. Justify your prices; talk about the quality of materials and workmanship and with lower priced packages on offer, you are giving the prospect more options.

The last item should always be a thank you. This costs nothing and most people appreciate that you appreciate their time is valuable. Careful with your wording in this section, and don’t assume anything.

By using an online proposal template, you and your team can build your proposal and maximise your chances of a conversion.