Comparison Between Poly Jacking And Mud Jacking

Poly-jacking process

Here poly urethane foam material is used to achieve the same results that we have been getting by using traditional mud jacking process. This process has become popular since last few years.

In polyurethane foam concrete lifting process holes are drilled of the size 5/8”which is almost the same size of termite mitigation. The size of the hole is almost like a size of penny. Polyurethane materials usually consist of 2 parts that are mixed together and with this mix the voids are filled for expanding. After the voids are completely filled more amount of materials are further added in order to lift the concrete up to the desired height. In order to match tight tolerance this activity is done with small increments. Finally the area is properly cleaned and patched back by using quick patch concrete.

Pros and cons

  • Poly jacking is much lighter in weight and after they are injected into the hole it gets cured within 20 minutes. It maintains the shape for more than 10 years and remains dense, strong and environmentally safe.
  • However poly urethane materials are more expensive materials
  • The psi of this material is lower

Mud jacking process

This process is in existence since the year 1900 and its material form has changed however the process remains almost the same. Holes of 1” to 2’ diameter is drilled and placed as per the type of lift that is needed. The hole size is almost similar to any golf ball or maybe little bigger. The slurry of material is pumped through the holes and dropped under the concrete.

As the void is filled up by building hydraulic pressure and tries to lift up the concrete that is lowered. The holes that have been drilled will be pumped with material so that there is no voids remain under the concrete. The area is finally cleaned up so that there is no concrete mortar remaining.

Pros and cons

  • If you compare the cost of mud jacking then you will find it much cheaper as compared to poly urethane material.
  • It can reach higher strengths, non toxic, non-flammable and very easy to acquire
  • No formal training is needed to use this process

  • Its cure time is about 24 to 72 hours which is much longer as compared to poly jacking.
  • Over a period of time it may break down or any animal may also dig it.

Hope these tips have provided you the required information that you are looking for from this article.