Everything About Custom Packaging: Process, Advantages, And Finding A Seller!

Designing and tailoring a box to suit a product is the essence of custom packaging. Packaging is critical for marketing, promotion, as well as, product protection, and yet, many companies are still not opting for customization. It is a common belief that custom packaging is expensive, and while there is no denying that a specific kind of box would cost more than generic packaging, the advantages are way too many to be ignored. In this post, we are discussing some of the most critical aspects related to customizing packaging, related advantages and more.

Why spend on custom packaging?

There are many benefits of using custom boxes for products. As the packaging is customized, there is no need to spend on extra cushioning, which can help in cutting costs. The product will be safe during transit, so there are no worries as far as shipping is concerned. Another big advantage of custom packaging is easy promotion. You can print whatever design or brand information you want, and it will represent the product and your company as desired. This is an absolute advantage, simply because you are in control of the branding process. Also, it doesn’t have to cost a bomb to buy custom packaging.

How does it work?

The whole process of designing a custom box starts with finding a reliable manufacturer. There are companies that deal with all kinds of custom packaging needs, and they can take orders for as small as 100 boxes. To add to that, many vendors also have a team for graphics and design, who can help clients with the design process. No matter whether you are designing a pizza box or something as complicated as a luxury subscription box, they can offer the required assistance. Once you finalize the design, the order will be completed and delivered.

Saving on custom packaging

A few generic rules do apply for custom packaging, and while costing is higher comparatively, you can still save money. A good idea is to focus on the product packaging needs. For example, if the box size is right, you don’t have to spend more on outer packaging or inner cushioning. Secondly, keep a check on the colors and prints, because the more you print, the more you have to pay for each box. Also, work with a big manufacturer, who can offer better prices and discounts for each order.

Get an estimate for custom packaging before giving a nod for the order.