How To Make A Small Business Gain A Higher Profile

 If you are the owner of a small business, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your profile. Competition is fierce in every single industry, so it is incredibly important that you find ways to stand out from other businesses which offer the same services.

Read this helpful guide in order to understand how to make your small business gain a higher profile and become distinguished from your competition.

Add Your Business To A Listings Website

The first thing that you should do in order to gain a higher profile is to add your business to a listings website. This will allow any potential customers to quickly locate your contact details and address when they want to use your services. Shop around in order to find a website which will list your details comprehensively. This should include the name of your business, the address including postcode, the website address, the telephone number and the email address.

You might also want to consider adding your social media contacts to the listing, so people are able to contact you on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. This should cause your business to become more noticeable to the general public. Advertise your website for free on Thomson Local.

Hold A Grand Re-Opening

One way to increase the profile of your business is to refurbish it and then stage a grand re-opening. Invite members of the public and journalists to the re-opening so that they will be able to see what changes you have made to the business.

You could try and secure an interview with a journalist (on television, radio or in print). Conducting a thorough interview in which you talk about the ways in which your business can benefit people will help to raise your company’s profile.

Arrange For Advertising Space On Billboards

Billboards can be a fantastic way to increase the profile of your small business. Make sure that your finances can cover the cost of taking out advertising space on a billboard. Choose a striking picture which will catch the attention of people who are driving by in their cars or passing on the other side of the street.


The right font for lettering is extremely important. People will not be able to read the writing on the billboard unless the font is very clear. You will be potentially missing out on customers if they can’t understand your advertising properly.

Engage With Potential Customers On Social Media

Social media allows businesses to connect with people and to grow their customer numbers. Make sure that all your social media channels are kept completely up to date, and remember to reply promptly to anyone who sends your company a message. People will appreciate it if you respond quickly, and they will be much more likely to use your services.

Hopefully, after reading this article you are feeling more confident about raising the profile of your business. Try each of these methods and then experiment with your own.