Small Business Shipping on a Small Budget

Operating a small business does not mean that you have small concerns or small problems. Keeping your business afloat is oftentimes more difficult when it’s smaller. When your business is smaller, that means your profit margins are smaller as well and your ability to absorb losses is smaller. If you want to run your business efficiently, you need to make sure that you are utilising every dollar as effectively as possible. Utilising dollars efficiently means great marketing and great products, but it also means saving money where you can. You probably cut many unnecessary items from your budget to increase profits; however, you might be missing one big area that can be slimmed down. Your shipping costs are probably higher than you think and are costing you more than necessary.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs domestically and internationally tend to be pretty stagnant. The price of shipping with a government agency or with a private corporation does not change drastically. You will have to find the most efficient shipping organisation for your business but that line in your budget won’t change very much, though. What you do have control over is the price you are paying for shipping materials. Recent research has found that many businesses pay more for shipping materials than they do for the actual shipping. You have to buy boxes and tape as well as anything that you need to protect your items. If you are selling fragile items or items that don’t easily fit into standard-sized boxes, you need bubble wrap.

Hipac bubble wrap supplies come in many different options. There are many different types of bubble wrap, colours, and even materials. The most common wrap is sufficient for protecting fragile items. It’s also great for filling up empty space in the box. For example, if you are shipping books in a box that is too large, you can fill up that extra space with bubble wrap. It’s not necessarily fragile, but it will make it easier to ship. Furthermore, there are some items, such as electronics, that are susceptible to damage from static electricity. You need an anti-static bubble wrap to keep those items safe. You should look for a supplier that sells all of those different types of wrap. Even if you don’t need them right now, you might need them in the future. It’s much easier to create an effective budget if you know who your supplier will be in the future.

Selling in Bulk

The key to keeping your costs low is actually to spend a little bit more money at the outset. You should look for a company that sells bubble wrap in bulk. If they sell the wrap in bulk, you will be able to buy large amounts of it at once. Buying a large amount means that you will pay a little bit less in having it shipped to your business since it will be in fewer shipments. Also, you will pay lower per-unit costs. That means you might operate in the red for a quarter but you won’t have to spend that amount of money on bubble wrap for a long time. Buying in bulk has long been a tactic of businesses that are trying to reduce long-term costs.