The Easy Option for a New Sports Building

Temporary Building Ideas for New Sports Facilities

If you are thinking of constructing a brand new gymnastics hall or indoor basketball court, don’t just immediately opt for a concrete or brick structure. These can be expensive to erect and can involve lots of complex planning after all. Instead, you should choose one of the many non-permanent options available as these will still cater to your requirements without the need for a lengthy building process.

The Available Options

First, you’ll be surprised about the flexibility that these kinds of structures have when it comes to constructing a new sports facility. These buildings can be used for:

  • Sports halls
  • Leisure facilities
  • Indoor courts


As long as you only need a structure with a flat base, and not something like an indoor swimming pool, these non-permanent buildings can be tailored to your needs in a number of different ways.

A Custom Design

With the right suppliers of temporary buildings, you can modify the final design to suit the precise requirements of your new sporting facility. This can include any of the following:

  • Matching the dimensions needed
  • Installing indoor heating and cooling
  • Adding the right number of windows
  • Including smaller rooms for storage


Whatever you require for your new basketball courts or recreation halls, the top professionals will be able to meet your needs and create the ideal type of structure. Just because they are temporary does not mean that these buildings have less flexibility than more traditional alternatives.

An Array of Features

It’s also possible to install these structures with a number of optional extras. This is especially true by choosing temporary buildings from Smart Space or some other similarly reputable dealer. Here are a few examples of these added features although there are many more which we cannot list:

  • Sports flooring
  • Sports equipment
  • Rebound boards
  • HVAC systems

Whatever you want to install in your new sporting facilities, make a note of those additional extras and talk to your chosen construction specialist. The best will work to accommodate your needs however they can.

Meeting Your Requirements

Lastly, these non-permanent buildings can also be tailored to meet a variety of guidelines and restrictions including:

  • Building regulations set by your local council
  • The specific rules of the sports to be played

In this way, you can be sure to make a facility that can be used by both amateurs and professional sportspeople without any risk of disqualifications or unwanted government notices. With the flexibility offered by these temporary structures, it is easy to follow the rules so that the final design is perfectly compliant in every way.

As you can see, it is certainly possible to use temporary structures to build a safe, secure sporting facility. By making the right choices when it comes to the building design, added features, and construction techniques, you can then end up with a structure which complies with local council and sporting regulations which people can use to have a casual or professional game whenever they want to without fear of legal, medical or sports-related problems.