The Importance of Stanley Hand Tools for Your Next Project in Melbourne

Hand tools are the ones that are kept in your hand as you do manual labour. Common tools include screwdrivers, wrenches and chisels. Some companies are known for making complete hand tool sets that are versatile and easy to use. Know more about the different benefits that come with using hand tools to make good work.


When you need the most precise work done, you need quality hand tools. Using these instruments is the only way to craft furniture and sculptures by hand. It takes some training to get used to the craft, but after a while, the use becomes easier. When the work gets easier, the results become more precise and impressive to the eye.

Ease of Use

Hand tools are easy to use, even if you do not have any skills and experience. You do not need any electrical outlet or battery to run these tools. You pick up the tools and use them to the best of your abilities. If you plan to move around, find it easy to pack up the tools and carry them with you.

However, power tools are more difficult to use, assemble and disassemble. Many people need instruction manuals or batteries before they can even begin working. Hand tools are straightforward and require fewer instructions.

Hands-on Skills and Experience

When you work with hand tools, you develop hands-on skills and experience that only get better over time. Instead of using a power tool with a loud motor, you spend hours crafting your skill by hand. The hands-on technique improves your attention to detail and hand-to-eye coordination. When you do work by hand, unlike by machine, you are more likely to master the skill to perfection.


Safety is a powerful advantage that comes with hand tools over power tools. As a construction worker or repairperson, you must remain safe at all times. Hand tools keep you safe without having you worry about dangers. Whether you work at home or in a factory, you cannot put yourself or others in danger.

Power tools are hardly ever safe. You need good vision and coordination to prevent causing an accident. While you are using a power tool, move carefully or else you could accidentally drill a hole into your body. If you make a wrong move, a nail could pop out and hit you in the eye. You could cause damage to other people. Worst of all, you could cause harm to a child who walks into the room and picks up an unused power tool.

Understand the exact reasons why hand tools are still widely used, even in a world where power tools are popular. Hands tools allow you to perfect your craft by hand. The tools are safe and easy to use, as well. The tools are cheap and easy to maintain, too, without the need for electricity. You get good results only by using hand tools that are sturdy and designed properly. If you want quality tools, choose reliability found in the Stanley hand tools Melbourne provider.