The Process of Federal Contract Proposal Writing

Federal contract proposal writing is a complex process that requires a lot of experience, expertise, and preparation. The entire process of competing for government procurements and the Federal contracting mechanism is complicated, time-consuming, and challenging. There are hundred of new business opportunities that are released almost every day, and hundreds of companies that want to secure those contracts. Which means that the competition is enormous and fierce.

To create a powerful marketing campaign and a strong competing foundation you need a comprehensive research and intelligence resources. You need to identify what are the hot buttons of your customer, understand their goals, their real requirements and expectations from the acquisition.

Moreover, you need to learn who your main competitors are and how positioned are they to actually win the award. What are their strengths, weaknesses, and discriminators that you can exploit to create a unique winning strategy? To have all these questions answered and be able to develop an effective plan you need experience teams in market assessment, capture management, business development, and proposal management.

 Proposal Writing for Federal Contracts

Proposal writing is the phase that comes after all the other teams have joint forces and processed the information gathered from research. All the helpful data that contain the most important insights about your customer, competitors, and your own capabilities to win the award are ready to be written down in the form of a proposal. A proposal that will give the ideal solution for the federal agency that sent you the RFP.

The proposal must be written according to the instructions given in the solicitation. All the compliance criteria must be fully met in order for the draft to be acceptable. Read each section of the RFP and address each of them in your proposal, offering a reasonable solution to the specific issue based on realistic approaches.

Content must be well-structured and optimized to persuade the contracting officials that your company is the perfect fit for their business opportunity. In addition to the content, make sure to use the style and the format required. Keep in mind that there will be hundreds of proposals submitted, and many of them can be great. In cases like this, proposal evaluators will exclude great proposals even for typographic errors. Just make sure to give the proposal editors the right time to review after submitting the final version!