The Truth Behind Technology: Landline Vs. VOIP

There are many people who are of the view that they should go for VoIPbusiness phone systems instead of the conventional landline. Over the period of time, VoIP has become extremely popular all over the world. There are different programs through which you can talk to your friends and family while using your computer and internet facility. People have shifted to this service primarily due to the fact that it is relatively cheap. Hence if you have a business and you feel that you will be making calls to your clients that are located in other cities and other countries, you must seriously think about choosing VOIP.

  • How is VOIP different from a landline?

VoIP is different from landline because the audio signals tend to travel via internet. Hence there is no need to plug the phone line into the traditional phone jack. There is a VoIP adapter where the line is plugged and the adapter is plugged into the computer modem. It may sound a bit technical in the beginning but its usage is fairly simple.

  • Features

Different services are offered by the phone companies to their clients who opt for the conventional landline facility. Some of the facilities include, call forwarding, caller ID, three-way calling, call waiting and voicemail etc. When it comes to VoIP, you get all the facilities mentioned earlier and get some extra offers as well. For instance, if you use VoIP in your office, you employee can easily receive or make a call directly from the computer, tablet or laptop. Furthermore, the option of video conferencing is considered to be another advantage in VoIP.

  • Sound quality

The sound quality of landline is generally of the best quality. It does not matter whether you are making an international call or not. The voice clarity is paramount. On the whole, VoIP connections are considered to be good but since the data is sent over internet, the voice quality is not hundred percent reliable. Interruptions, echoes or crackling are some of the common issues faced by people.