What Is ILM Leadership And Management?

The Institute of Leadership & Management is a professional membership body for leaders and managers, which provides a wide range of educational courses and qualifications. All ILM qualifications are awarded by The City and Guilds of London Institute, which was founded in 1878 and is incorporated by Royal Charter. Membership is open to leaders and managers of all levels, including those with little or no practical experience. The ILM carries out research into leadership and management practice, and publishes their findings in white papers, journals and research reports.

Training and qualifications

The ILM offers a wide range of courses and learning resources, running through six different levels, so there is something appropriate for every level of management. The courses are practical based and are designed to complement the individual’s role at work. All ILM qualifications have been accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. Qualifications are awarded at three different levels. The most basic is an Award, which essentially runs on one credit per 10 hours of course work, with 12 credits required. The second level is the Certificate, which typically requires between 13 and 36 credits, with the top level, being the Diploma which requires in excess of 370 credits.

Depth of diversity

ILM courses are not only available for management and leaders at every level of experience, from a Team leader to a C Level Executive. They also offer a diversity in learning programmes to enable you to focus on the specific skills that you need. The objective is to identify good techniques to get better results, develop your leadership skills, help you identify your success levels, while providing strategic leadership in day-to-day management.

What do the courses cover?

ILM Leadership and Management courses address every aspect of getting the most from your company, your staff and resources. People skills are especially important, whether it be dealing with stress and conflict with your staff, or developing the right level of Customer relations. Developing a better understanding of your own abilities will help to develop critical thinking and help you gauge your own performance. By understanding how to lead your people to achieve organisational goals and objectives, you will be able to give strong and informed management decisions. The company has a wealth of information available to it, information that is often not communicated internally and ILM courses address this. For example, sales in Area A, might be unable to sell a specific product due to market competition, or other forces. If this information is shared with R&D, or marketing, an improved product can be designed, or marketing funds reallocated to Area B, where the product enjoys success. In short it provides management understanding that enables the organisation to operate effectively and efficiently.

More and more organisations are using leadership management to enhance their performance. Over 70,000 people achieved ILM qualifications last year alone. It will be relatively easy to find educational organisations in your area that provide ILM courses. They will help you identify where you are, which course to start with and help you drive your management career, for not only your benefit, but for the benefit of your company too.